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Hot off the press in Safety Science journal

"Understanding human performance in sociotechnical systems – Steps towards a generic framework" published in Safety Science journal. Read more 


Hot off the press in Discrete Optimization journal

"Complete Mixed Integer Linear Programming Formulations for Modularity Density Based Clustering" by Dr Alberto Costa and Prof Dr Ng Tsan Sheng published. Read more 


FRS PI Ho Teck Hua to Lead Data Science Initiative

FRS principal investigator Prof Dr Ho Teck Hua has been appointed the executive chairman of the new AI.SG and leader of the Singapore Data Science Consortium. Read more 


Human-system interaction key to autonomous vehicles

How close are we to autonomous cars dominating public roads without human intervention? It lies in human factors, FRS researcher Miltos Kyriakidis writes in the Straits Times. Read more 


New Publication: Sociotechnical Resilience

Sociotechnical resilience is an interdisciplinary concept derived from science and technology studies, human factors, safety science, organisational studies, and systems engineering. Read more 

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Film Screening: Healing Fukushima

24 Aug | FRS Principal Investigator Sulfikar Amir will be presenting his film, Healing Fukushima followed by a post-film dialogue. Read more 


Characterising road network growth for urban planning and management

11 Jul | PhD researcher Ylenia Casali will present her research on road network growth at the International Conference on Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management. Read more 


Security of Electricity Supply and Renewable Energy Sources

4 Jul | Dr Chrstian Schaffner shares how the security of energy supply was traditionally secured and how are these proven successful principles being challenged today. Read more 


Understanding pro-environmental behaviour from a psychological perspective

21 Jun |  What are the psychological factors that motivate or inhibit the required behavioural change to increase adoption of sustainable innovation and infrastructure? Read more 


International Federation of Operational Research Societies Conference

17 Jul | Dr Marco Cinelli will speak at the Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies on a structured decision support framework for the risk assessment of energy technologies. Read more 

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